At Read Right Read Readily we offer Comprehensive Learning Ability Evaluation to identify the areas of weakness that require remediation for each individual student.

Students with general learning challenges or a previous diagnosis such as ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, Delayed speech and Learning disorder are welcome for a One-on-One Intervention Plan. Students who also wish to enhance their skills or wish to make learning easier.

Our evaluation provides necessary information to arrive at a successful educational plan that are customized to individual learning style of a child in order to ensure they can achieve their educational goal.

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Who can enroll?

Our Courses can be particularly good for children diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, Delayed speech and Learning disorders.

How It Works

  • Step one is a Learning Ability Evaluation by our appointed Development Centre. We use standardized tests to evaluate the student’s strengths and weaknesses in a number of areas. These include reading, comprehension and math.
  • Next, the instructor creates an IEP, a learning plan. This plan includes how many instruction hours the student will need to reach learning goals. It also outlines the specific types of instruction the student will need.
  • Third step - Students generally work one-on-one with instructors. They may be expected to come daily (Zoom Online) for sessions that last for 45 minutes to One hour minimum. We monitor each student’s progress and provide parents, and sometimes teachers, with regular updates.
  • The more you understand your child’s reading issues, the easier it will be to find the right type of instruction. Its necessary to give them appropriate timely reading support they require for their literacy skills at school.

In Line with the Research Proven Techniques and Methodology from an Internationally Renowned Institute from the United States, “Read Right Read Readily Program” Offers the following continuous modules post a Detailed Learning Ability Evaluation (Informal Assessment) by our certified Development Centre.

Our Educational Remedial Courses on Offer

  • Intervention plan for Reading Comprehension
  • Intervention plan for Reading and Language Skills
  • Intervention Plan for Reading and Comprehending Skills
  • Intervention plan for Spelling and Sentence Writing
  • Intervention plan for Listening Comprehension.

Our Approach if you wish to begin

  • Call us on +91 7506373679 for a Personal Meeting with the Student followed by a mandatory “Learning Ability Evaluation” to arrive on the Lesson Plans.
  • “Learning Ability Evaluation” will be conducted by our on-board “Development Centre” on a pre-decided day in an Online Format before we begin the Remedial Lessons.
  • Post the Learning Ability Evaluation, IEP will be jointly discussed between Read Right Read Readily Team, our Development Associate and the enrolling Parent.
  • Basis the IEP, our Remedial Lessons are conducted in a One-on-One setting (Online through Zoom due to the current Pandemic)
  • Each Lesson plan is of 60 Minutes for 4 continuous days in a week.
  • We suggest a minimum 50-55 Hours of Plan to achieve the goal